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ironplate(rawmaterial)isprunedasarotundity→ironplateisformedbystretching→ironplateisedge-sheared→ironplateispunchedbypunchingmachine→modeloftrayispolished,galvanizedorpowdercoated.1.Bothironplateandgalvanizedironplatecouldbeadoptedastherawmaterialforthisproduct.Andthethicknessoftrayusuallyrangesfrom0.6mm——1mm.2.Thetraycouldbegalvanizedorpowdercoated,andthecolorisoptional.3.1.5mmthickness30mmdiametertubeismanufacturedintothehandlewiththelengthof1420mm4.Thisproductisequippedwith3.50-8wheelsasthestandardfeatureand3.00-8pneumaticwheelsasanoptionalfeature.5.Theaxleforthisproductcouldbebothhollowandsolid.6.Thefrontironcoatofthisproductcouldbe 7.Thehandlegripofthisproductcouldberubberhandleorantiskidhandle,uponyourrequest.8.LoadingQuantity.950piecesfor20’container,1900piecesfor40’container.


iron plate( raw material) is pruned as a rotundity→iron plate is formed by stretching→iron plate is edge-sheared→iron plate is punched by punching machine→model of tray is polished, galvanized or powder coated.
1. Both iron plate and galvanized iron plate could be adopted as the raw material for this product. And the thickness of tray usually ranges from 0.6mm ——1 mm.
2. The tray could be galvanized or powder coated, and the color is optional.
3.1.5 mm thickness 30mm diameter tube is manufactured into the handle with the length of 1420 mm
4. This product is equipped with 3.50-8 wheels as the standard feature and 3.00-8 pneumatic wheels as an optional feature.
5. The axle for this product could be both hollow and solid.
6. The front iron coat of this product could be 
7. The handle grip of this product could be rubber handle or antiskid handle, upon your request.
8. Loading Quantity.950pieces for 20’container ,1900pieces for 40’container.

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